What is the typical commission structure of residential real estate deals in New York City? 

For New York City residential real estate deals, the seller typically pays 6% of the purchase price to his or her broker, which is split between a buyer's broker and seller's broker. If the buyer doesn't have a buyer's broker, the seller broker typically takes the full commission. On larger transactions, the commission can be 5%. Buyers do not pay commissions or fees to their buyer's broker.

What are typical transaction costs when purchasing real estate in NYC? 

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Where can I go to house hunt and schedule viewings on my own?

The best way to shop is to monitor the market for new listings (a list of sites are provided below). The easiest way to view a home is to visit during a scheduled open house listed on the posting. Alternatively, you can contact the seller's agent listed and arrange for a time. 

Real Estate Listing Sites:

Where do I go to get pre-approved online?

I don't have much time to search - how can I find a home?

We suggest you create and save a search criteria on a handful of the real state listing sites and setup a daily email alert and weekly open house alert.