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We are on a mission to make home-buying more affordable

It's time to modernize the home-buying process. Our view is that the internet has greatly diminished the role of full-service real estate agents by making it easy to search for homes.  For New York residential deals, the buyer broker typically earns a 2.5%-3% commission paid by the seller at closing. In the case where the buyer does not have an agent, the seller agent takes the full commission. By enabling our customers to attend open houses themselves, we are able to rebate half of the buyer's broker commission to our buyers. 

How MyFeeSimple Works

MyFeeSimple customers play an important role in our unique home-buying process. 

You do your part, we do our part, together we save.

1. You find the place

Let us know that you're looking to purchase a home. We will help you find properties that meet your criteria.

Once you find "the one", let us know!

2. Buy it with MyFeeSimple

Make an offer through us. Our New York broker specialists will help negotiate and manage the entire closing process from here on out. 

3. Save thousands in fees

You found your home so we will refund you half of the buyer broker's commission (usually 2.5-3% of purchase price) at closing.


buyer commission Tax-free rebate Examples on a 3% commission


PRICE: $2,800,000

REBATE: $42,000


PRICE: $1,500,000

REBATE: $22,500


PRICE: $520,000

REBATE: $7,800


PRICE: $970,000

REBATE: $14,550